What if there’s no internet access?

Using the Cloud certainly does rely on accessing the internet but these days, it is very rare for any business to find that they cannot do so. So many systems and business-critical processes are reliant on a connection that it is a priority for businesses, so this should never be a problem. We use incredibly resilient devices to link into the Cloud, which are highly unlikely to be the source of any issues.

However, in the unlikely event of your usual route to internet access being down, then another route can be used – broadband, wi-fi, mobile – so interruption to service has minimal effect.


How disruptive will it be to introduce Crown Cloud to our workforce management systems

We think you will be pleasantly surprised. With no infrastructure to install, the introduction of Crown Cloud is quick and painless. In addition, because we are using Microsoft Azure Cloud, a whole host of policies, operational issues and due diligence is complied with almost instantly – a process that would formerly have been long and arduous.

Once you’re using the Cloud, you and all your employees will simply be using the same Crown products and services, so there is no learning curve to deal with.


Does the Cloud come at a high cost?

Exactly the opposite. Firstly, unlike most IT projects, there is no major capital investment and then you pay on usage only, rather than overpaying for capacity you rarely use. On top of that, think of all the costs saved in floor space, power for cooling, staff costs and so on once you no longer need a vast physical IT infrastructure. And because everything is held in the Cloud, you no longer need to keep buying increasingly powerful – and expensive – machines with the capacity to deliver your workforce management.


How does licensing of software work?

We work with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and embed all licences into our service. You will not have to pay for separate licences.


What if we change our minds and want to move away from Crown – where is all our data?

No problem: there’s no major decommissioning process and we can simply package up your data in the way you want it and hand it over to you.

More Questions?

Just get in touch and we will discus your individual requirements.

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