Why should I change from my current workforce management technology?

If you are like the vast majority of companies, the workforce is your biggest cost. Therefore, maximising their performance is the energy that drives the business forward – or, if not done right, holds the business back. Effective workforce management massively improves productivity, satisfaction and, therefore, profit and success. The return on investment can be astronomical. Companies that have invested in workforce management systems look back on a time without those systems and wonder how they survived and competed. In a few years’ time, the landscape will have shifted again and companies running workforce management systems through the Cloud will look back and wonder how they managed before. The productivity gains, the drop in capital investment, the new-found agility – all of this will make the Cloud systems the only choice. Choosing Crown Cloud now means you are getting in at the ground floor, taking the increase in productivity, the huge RoI, the business-enhancing speed and agility – taking all of this years before your competitors.

Scale and agility

Increasing or decreasing your workforce management IT capacity traditionally takes quite some time, especially in a large organisation. Specifying, buying, installing and testing the new IT equipment alone (never mind the internal challenges of making the business case, getting approval etc) is a major, logistically-challenging project for many people over many months.

Then, as soon as you make that investment, the IT is already on countdown to obsolescence and another cycle of investment and upheaval.

With the Crown Cloud workforce management, increasing or decreasing capacity is a simple as making a decision and clicking a button*. The capacity never runs out, you don’t have to keep investing and you only ever pay for what you need. Just turn the capacity on when you want it and keep it as long as you need. This is especially valuable for companies looking to grow, whether organically or through acquisition and merger – and whether that expansion means moving from 200 employees to 250 or from 20,000 to 30,000.

*This is a technical capability that needs to be covered by an appropriate contractual agreement with the individual customer.

One platform, many applications

The agility of the Cloud becomes incredibly useful where you have multiple locations across the country or the world but also where your business comprises a number of separate elements. By creating a consolidated workforce management platform in the Cloud, your whole organisation can be working to the same principles but completely respecting and allowing for differences in operations, applications and local conditions. This means decisions on workforce management can be made quickly and simply, and you can concentrate on the business issues of consolidation, and not worry about adapting the IT platform.

Capacity and cost

Choosing IT infrastructure is fraught with difficulty: specify too small and it won’t cope; specify too large, or to cover peak demand, and you have expensive wasted capacity – plus the expense of keeping it. With the Cloud, you replace the ‘just in case’ scenario with the ‘just in time’ one. You expand and contract exactly as and when needed. When it comes to training, this can add further cost if a company has to invest in non-production capacity in order to conduct training without compromising operations. With the Cloud, you simply buy the capacity you need for as long as you need, then switch it off when you’re done.

Fuelling innovation

Using Crown Cloud for workforce management opens up a whole range of opportunities for innovation. This is because the reduced operational risk and almost zero capital investment required to trial new approaches or take new opportunities means risk is always massively mitigated. This creates an innovative mindset and also ensures that forward-thinking companies don’t get left behind by technology. In today’s era of level playing fields and small margins, innovation is critical.

Leave it to us

Moving workforce management into Crown Cloud means the infrastructure moves from your premises into the Cloud, immediately reducing your role in maintaining the system. Instead of our previous model of supplying hardware and software, which you managed yourself, this new model is a managed Cloud service – which essentially means: leave it all to us. What you’ll also get from the Cloud is the very latest technology and service improvements. By working with many other companies, the Microsoft Azure Cloud is constantly learning how to improve what it offers – so you get the benefit of what others develop. It’s like buying the latest tech every single day.

Bringing the Cloud to you

Instead of seeing the Cloud as a place ‘out there’ that you send your data, think of it this way: we bring the Cloud to you. We take the capacity you need and bring it to your door. This part of the Cloud is for you and you alone: safe, secure and with iron-clad boundaries.

Safe and secure

Your data in the Cloud will be incredibly safe. The levels of security and encryption through Microsoft are truly exceptional and will outstrip anything you are able to apply in your own company. All data is constantly backed up and automatically copied, and is kept at two physical locations for extra security. The days of one disaster in your server room wiping everything out are gone – as are the eye-wateringly expensive days of replicating your system in multiple sites in case of such disaster. If your company is uncomfortable with sending data out of the country, then we won’t. We can keep it wherever is preferred: within the UK, Europe or across the globe.

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